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We provide customized, adaptable, modular and sensor agnostic solutions, through the full product development cycle, from concept to final integration, because we know how hard it is to work with the ever-changing hardware and sensors of today’s technology.

Smart Cities

  • Parking Spot Detection and Management.
  • Traffic Monitoring and Control.
  • Infrastructure Inspection.
  • Audit of Community Services.
  • Waste Detection and Reporting.

Autonomous Mobility

  • Self-Driving.
  • Automated ADAS sensor validation.
  • Dataset creation.
  • Sensor setup design.
  • Map reconstruction.

Industry 4.0

  • Computer vision for quality control.
  • AI-Based solar panel and wind turbine inspection.
  • Waste classification.
  • Intelligent navigation for warehouse logistics.


Semantic Segmentation

Our Semantic Segmentation technology is the key to unlocking a deep awareness of our surroundings. With this cutting-edge capability, we go beyond mere image analysis. We can identify and define with pixel-level precision each object within images. This level of context-aware vision opens up possibilities in healthcare, surveillance, and countless other fields.

Image Detection

At the core of our innovation lies Image Detection, driven by state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms. This technology enables our system to recognize objects and scenes with unparalleled accuracy and speed. Picture a world where security cameras can not only detect intruders but also identify their actions, providing a new level of security.

3D LiDAR Processing

We take 3D data processing to the next level with our expertise in LiDAR, an essential technology for creating 3D models, plays a vital role in industries like robotics, construction, and urban planning. With our advanced LiDAR processing techniques based on artificial intelligence, we transform raw point cloud data into highly detailed, accurate 3D detections, empowering businesses and researchers to make informed decisions based on real-world data.

3D Sensor Fusion

Our 3D Sensor Fusion systems are a game-changer in spatial perception. By seamlessly combining data from various 3D sensors, including LiDAR, cameras, GPS and radar, we offer a holistic view of the environment. This fusion delivers the most accurate and reliable spatial understanding, ideal for applications such as autonomous vehicles, environmental monitoring, and augmented reality.


A precise localization is the foundation for safe navigation, especially in dynamic and complex environments. Our localization technologies range from 3D map-based localization to advanced GNSS and LiDAR sensor fusion techniques. This enables locating systems with an accuracy of up to 10 cm in both indoor and outdoor applications.


We are pioneers in creating High-Definition Maps (HD Maps), serving as the foundation for the smart cities and transportation systems of the future. Our mapping solutions deliver detailed, up-to-date maps that are essential for autonomous vehicles, smart infrastructure, and urban planning.

Object Tracking

Real-time Object Tracking is more than just following moving targets; it’s about predicting their actions and behaviors. Our object-tracking technology excels in precisely that. Whether it’s monitoring critical assets in an industrial setting or enabling immersive gaming experiences, our technology enhances safety and situational awareness in diverse domains.

Sensor Setup Design

Sensor selection, placement and configuration is always the first step towards a successful machine vision system. Through 3D Modeling, Simulation and Digital Twins, we select and optimize sensor layout and deployment for our client’s specific needs. This ensures that the system captures data with utmost precision and efficiency, maximizing the quality of the results.

Research & Innovation as Fundamental Pillars

Seevia was born as a spin-off of the AMPL laboratory of the Carlos III University of Madrid.

As a research group, we have developed cutting-edge technologies that are a reference in the fields of AI, Computer Vision and Industry. Thanks to this, we are working for leading companies worldwide, such as European car manufacturers, a global insurance company, TIER-1 automotive suppliers, steel manufacturers and renewable energy suppliers, among others.

During the development of these projects we have developed a common bond, a common vision of how AI can improve our world.

At seevia, we materialise this vision and passion for innovation by accompanying our clients in creating accessible and cutting-edge solutions.

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